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"I cigni neri"

Message to young people from the Ministry of Education

Some media have called the coronavirus epidemic that is upsetting our habits "black swan". The expression comes from a 2007 essay (The Black Swan) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It is used to indicate an unpredictable event that changes previous beliefs. So it happened when black swans were discovered in Australia, hitherto unknown "

Occupational safety and health are a legal and social obligation.

The implementation of an OSH management system has always been a point of reference within MGTM Avvocati Associati.
For this reason, to cope with the COVID-19 emergency, the study approved and adopted a behavioral protocol.
We protect ourselves, we protect you.

Approved by associates on March 9, 2020

  1. Keep with ALL a minimum distance of 1-1.5 meters;

  2. limit as much as possible meetings with customers, colleagues, or third parties, favoring telephone and telematic sessions, or Skipe, Zoom, and the like;

  3. avoid handshakes; if this happens, wash your hands immediately;

  4. disinfect door handles, telephone handsets, photocopiers, PCs, keyboards and mice, with bactericidal spray, at the beginning of the day;

  5. often ventilate work or transit areas, including the secretariat;

  6. avoid gatherings, in particular in the customer space and make sure that they are spaced from each other by at least one meter;

  7. increase the supply of bathrooms (towels, amuchina, etc.);

  8. disinfect the bathrooms each time they are used or in any case often, with a spray of amuchina spray on the sink and toilet;

  9. minimize access to the courthouse and public or private offices (chamber of commerce, conservatory, revenue agency, post office, banks, etc.), favoring the request for information via e-mail to the chancelleries / secretariats;

  10. strengthen personal immune defenses to protect ourselves and the people we come into contact with;

  11. behave responsibly even in private life.

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