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Legal Professional Team

LPT - Legal Professional Team is a professional alliance between firms of civil lawyers, corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers and administrative lawyers with offices in seven cities: Ferrara, Venice - Mestre, Padua, Vicenza, Cittadella, Bassano del Grappa, Rovigo.

LPT is the result of an innovative project conceived and implemented in 2011 in collaboration with Adriano Capelli, consultant of the Performando company ( which takes the form of a gentlemen's agreement between professionals, who wanted to share and integrate their respective professional experiences , animated by the objective of creating synergies of value with companies, public and private entities, to offer legal advice and assistance services that cover, also and above all with a view to prevention, all legal requirements.

Attentive to the needs of a constantly evolving social and productive reality, LPT explores current legal issues and organizes refresher seminars and conferences.


Relying on LPT means having a pool of experts in continuous dynamic relationship, able to deal with even the most complex cases with an interdisciplinary approach, favoring risk prevention and an investigative approach to the case, with particular attention to the human factor, the timeliness of the responses, the transparency of the economic part of the relationship through the sharing of a specific agreement, the care and assistance also post causam.

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