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Claudio Maruzzi

Lawyer since 1992. Cassationist since 2004. Promoter of a conception of the profession founded on the creation of synergies between professionalism and the business world, especially in terms of preventing new risks for companies, also through the dissemination of "Culture" to companies and organizations 231 ”, preparing Organizational Models and carrying out ODV functions. He considers the instrument of defensive investigations, including preventive ones, to be a formidable tool at the service of the citizen and the client-company. It deals with the areas of criminal law of the environment, family and minors, new technologies. Author of interventions, essays and speaker at conferences in the area of defensive investigations, environment, deontology, criminology and forensic psychology. He was a member of the "Commission Legislative Decree 231/01 of the Unitary Body of the Advocacy" (OUA). Since October 2013 he is an effective member of the Territorial Disciplinary Council of the Order of Conservative Landscape Architects and Planners of Ferrara. Since 2019 member of the Scientific Committee of the Ferrara Criminal Chamber. From 2013 to 2016 he was honorary president of the Italy-Israel Association of Venice. Since November 2016 he has been delegate for Ferrara of KKL Italy (Keren Kayemeth Leisrael).


Stefano Tonozzi

He began his professional career in 1981 in his father's office and since 2002 he has collaborated with the team in the MGTM Avvocati Associati firm, to which he joined in 2010, bringing an important background of experience and professionalism.

He carries out judicial and extrajudicial activities in all branches of civil law, with particular attention to debt collection, executive and insolvency procedures, banking, condominium, lease and insurance law. He holds positions as bankruptcy trustee and judicial commissioner.


Carmelo Marcello

Advocate before the Court of Cassation and Higher Courts.

For many years he began his professional career with MGTM Avvocati Associati of which he is a partner. In October 1995 he graduated from the University of Ferrara with a thesis in private law and, in January 1996, he began his professional career as a trainee, up to the acquisition of the title of lawyer.

He grew up in symbiosis with the firm, contributing significantly to its strengthening and development. He has always paid particular attention to professional updating and has shown a particular aptitude for team work, which has allowed the Firm to obtain brilliant results.

He deals with criminal law, with particular preference for crimes against the public administration, for corporate, urban planning and environmental criminal law.

In the latter area, he is the lawyer of local authorities and environmental associations, in favor of which he has taken on the patronage, as a civil party, in delicate legal matters.


Anna Gambato

Graduated from the University of Ferrara, with a thesis in civil procedural law and agricultural law, after having obtained the professional qualification as a lawyer, she founded in 1996 together with Claudio Maruzzi, the "Studio Legale Associato Maruzzi - Gambato ", based in Ferrara, the original nucleus of MGTM Avvocati Associati.

Since the beginning of her professional career she has dealt with the different areas of civil law (property, condominium, leases), as well as family and juvenile law, preferring a multidisciplinary approach to cases. In fact, all the legal and extra-legal issues that characterize family law situations are dealt with in synergy with professionals from other sectors such as consultants, psychotherapists, family mediators, accountants, figures that have now become essential in resolving family law disputes, even more if in the presence of minors.

He is treasurer of the Juvenile Chamber of Ferrara.


Filippo Marcello

He is one of the founding members of the MGTM Avvocati Associati firm, with Claudio Maruzzi and Anna Gambato. Graduated from the University of Ferrara in 1992, he obtained the professional qualification as a lawyer in 1995. Concreteness and availability are his hallmark.

He deals with civil and commercial law, in particular with contracts, road traffic law, labor, leases and professional liability.


Pasquale Longobucco

President of the Ferrara Criminal Chamber of Ferrara, he joined the team in 1999 as a trainee and since 2011 he has been a partner of MGTM Avvocati Associati.

He deals with criminal law with particular preference for the penitentiary area, for crimes related to drugs, for those against the public administration, for immigration law and for crimes related to road traffic, corporate criminal law, measures both patrimonial and personal prevention; compliance 231/2001, in particular the part relating to money laundering offenses and criminal tax matters.
Speaker in several seminars.

In 2013 he was in charge of the Defensive Investigations Observatory of the Ferrarese Criminal Chamber and until 2019 he held the role of head of the territorial school of the Ferrarese Criminal Chamber.

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