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The Law Firm

MGTM Avvocati Associati has always offered legal services suited to the expectations of its customers, favoring the time factor as a fundamental element in the dynamics of cost / benefit relationships, not only economic, of professional performance, also through consultancy and assistance agreements, with provision of calibrated estimates. on the quality and quantity of the planned defensive activity.

MGTM Avvocati Associati uses defensive investigations, including preventive ones, as an ordinary operational tool, in the interest of the accused of the crime and the injured parties, a formidable defensive resource, for many years experimented with effectiveness in the development of the judicial matter, also with the aid of licensed investigation companies.

MGTM Avvocati Associati avails itself of technical consultants, experts in various sectors, in particular: environment and health, business area, work safety, commercial, tax, bankruptcy, IT and new technologies, forensic medicine, psychology, psychiatry, criminology, family, minors and disabilities.

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